Chris Griscom Message October 2018


Dear Soul Friends,
If we are an evolving species of Divine origin, then we need not carry with us into the future the limited concepts and conclusions of the constrictive past. What we do need to embrace is the power of love, the gift of healing and the mystery of eternal life.
We must embrace life's experiences in such a way as to alter evolution.
We are here and it is not a punishment, it is an opportunity. Though we may be on a perpetual cycle of reincarnations, the concept that returning to the wheel of karma is negative does not include Divine purpose. We do not return only to rebalance our faulty existence, we return to amplify the evolution of ourselves, and the Divine Source.
All life is not suffering. Although it may not be the cosmic inertia of non-embodiment, it is the opportunity of evolution through living and experience that expands all possibilities--throughout the Universes.
It is our choice to become fully enlightened, sentient beings by living in body and through those experiences, furthering the infinite pool of psychogenetic encoding. As we awaken to an expanded consciousness that includes all inheritance through ancestors, as well multi-incarnations, we will clearly see the magnificent possibilities before us. We suffer because we do not know!
As we become aware, we will see that suffering is not the handmaiden of life, it is the illusion that we have no free will, and therefore cannot choose to embrace all experience from a point of grace and the power of the giver.
We have come--not only to rebalance misdeeds, but because we have something to offer life from our most pure and Divine Soul!
Great Love,
Chris Griscom
We are part of a larger hologram--a Universal Soul. Through this source of infinite truth, we can create new mandates--commandments for ourselves that integrate a higher humanity and help us to truly be a part of the vast Universe...
We can access the "God within" that allows us to perceive ourselves from a much different octave of innate goodness and bright potential.
Excerpt from Chris Griscom's book, The Evolution of God