Chris Griscom Message April 2023

Dear Soul Friends,

There is a 'ripple out' effect in terms of collective consciousness. By releasing old thought patterns, others will change theirs by sensing that there is another way to be.

We are in tandem with all human cultures and will always be interdependent.

The interlocking emotional and spiritual DNA of all cultures is communicating within the gene pool and dictates choices that hold individuals together. However, our cultures have become stuck, because they are based on old cultural models.

We have felt our lives and relationships dictated by our cultures for too long. It is time to realize that it falls on us to change our cultures, not the other way around.

Thought forms shared by whole cultures create entire lineages of similarity, which are passed down and reinforced by the collective perspective. 'Learned inheritance' becomes inbred into the genetic fabric.
Contemplate that you and I, through inheritance and embodiment, have taken on imprints of vengeance and hatred. We are entrained with 'them or us' conclusions of the past. It may be almost impossible to relate to violent feelings inside us, and yet we are witnessing the reflection of such things all around us.

If we have no awareness of these negative residues lurking beneath our civilized exteriors, or view them as belonging only to others, we will project them onto almost anyone who seems slightly different from us, and thus re-enforce the destructive flaw of defensive separation. It is crucial now for us to ferret them out of our psychogenetic fabric.

We must venture out of the fold where we can discover what is ours because we have made it so, by our own choice--and what we have inherited that we wish to keep as ours.

There will not be an era of Peace until all that is past has been cleared of unusable particles and reconstructed within an enlightened helix.

Great Love,
Chris Griscom

We are an emerging species whose individual revelations impinge on the rest of our collective family of Humanity.

Excerpt from Chris Griscom's book, Psychogenetices: The Force of Heredity