Chris Griscom 2019 February Message


Dear Soul Friends,
The entirety of unimaginable universes streams on throughout the galaxies of infinite variation and combination to render time helpless to compete with its ebb and flow of creation. As this is so, it must follow that the Divine Source also evolves and transforms to allow the chorus of infinity to sing new worlds--and new life.
The laws of energy do not describe a force that travels on in isolation without interplay to other energies. All matter and non-matter are connected.
We are coming into a time when the invisible realities can enter into our awareness and set us free.
How we transcend our lives now, how we bring the mysteries of the universe into our bodies and our world, is the next octave of all spiritual endeavors.
We all want to live in a more enlightened spiritual world, but we have not known how to make the changes necessary to do it. We have never found a way through our minds, emotions (or our religions) into a place of clarity and connection to our own spiritual truths, most of which reside just on the other side of our conscious awareness.
There are infinite points within the matrix of our multidimensional bodies that are triggered through association and encoded reference, which engineer not only our genes but also the structure of our reality. We can access them consciously and energetically to free ourselves from those that hold us in repetitive karmic patterns.
I created the technology of consciousness we use at The Light Institute to help us truly release the blockages that keep us from being free of restrictive belief systems and the fears they engender in us.
As your consciousness opens, you lift up into higher awareness and feel the lightness that comes from using the power of choice to create your life.
Great Love,
Chris Griscom
Change is imminent on this planet, and the catalyst for that change is consciousness--easily within our grasp, because it is our very Source.
'Conscious genetics' is our legacy, which we will deliver to future humans by practicing it now, and transforming our experiences into the constructs of our physical, emotional and spiritual DNA that they will receive as our contribution to evolution.
Excerpts from Chris Griscom's books, The Healing of Emotion: Awakening the Fearless Self & Psychogenetics: The Force of Heredity