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March 26, 2013 FB Knowings


1. Thanks always for these ecstatic knowings! I have been inspired by a woman who is a Guru to many, but I struggle with following in the same way many do. Can you talk on Gurus, worshiping and learning from them? I don't want to miss out on the protection/ connection but I don't always feel it. But I wonder if there is an astral/cosmic link that I am not aware of. Your guidance is deeply relished by my inner knowing!

2. What is depression? Is it being burned out?


February 9, 2013 FB Knowings


1. What happens in the body when it switches to crystalline energy? What takes place there and how will that feel for us? Please tell your thoughts about this.

(Was passiert im Körper, wenn er auf "kristalin" übergeht? Was bedeutet dieser Wechsel für unseren Körper, was spielt sich da ab und wie wird sich das anfühlen für uns? Bitte erzähle uns was darüber.)


January 26, 2013 FB Knowings

Questions:1. I feel that during these moments of change and transformation on our planet, it is very important to develop our heart center, so that we can vibrate at the frequency of unconditional love. Would you talk about that and suggest a special practice for that purpose?

2. Can you please explain how to visualize our lives in a non-dualistic way, so that we can shift our every day lives from karma to dharma?


January 12, 2013 FB Knowings


1. I am a mother of four young teenage girls from the age of 16 to 21 and I would love to hear what you would like to give to and share with them.

2. Why have we been carrying such slow emotional imprints as fear and rage in our DNA? Is it because we were exposed to adverse environments and it has to do with survival at a certain moment of our evolution? What purpose do these imprints have?


December 28, 2012 FB Knowings


1. What happens when photon energy overtakes our magnetic field of the Earth?

2. It seems that several States in the USA want to be independent. Is our democracy now going from "top decision making" to smaller communities where people make decisions jointly? And when I vote, am I then giving my power away?


December 12, 2012 FB Knowings


1. I am a light worker. Why do I suddenly have Hashimoto's disease? I've already been through light years of things in this lifetime. The autoimmune system attacking the thyroid until it's dead-why is that?

2. I have a question in regards to sending and receiving light. Part of your teaching is to send light from the solar plexus into the world or to another person. Can you elaborate on that? Are there other places or chakras in the body to send light from?


November 4, 2012 FB Knowings


1. Do you think that it is possible that we do not grow older and die, if we deeply believe in the possibility of it?

2. How do you help someone who hates you or hates someone else, to get over it and to become a loving person, making better choices for themselves and others? Knowing that we all grow at our own pace doesn’t help the situation and when the person is hurting someone else it is hard to wait, especially when years have already gone by. How long is waiting long enough? All the while, bad things happen to good people. So, knowing how to reach out and remotely teach, heal, help and love and have an outcome where the desire to harm an innocent bystander leaves that person, this would be worth knowing. If you know or can find out this answer, please let me know so that I can get to work.


October 20, 2012 FB Knowings


1. Brazil has recently created the comissão da verdade, to clarify and recognize crimes against humanity during military dictatorship. What can we do to help find the people that disappeared as well as their children who were separated or kidnapped?

2. What will happen to the people who are denying the ascension process is happening? There is a large religious community who are saying it is an evil event. My son belongs to one of those churches, so I am concerned.


September 29, 2012 FB Knowings


1. What happens, besides it taking over our energy, to have a tumor on the liver? How can I honestly find out what the sickness is trying to tell me? How do I talk to the wisdom inside of myself, so that I may help my body in the best way?

2. How do you balance an inner push of breaking out of an old path/work, with the worldly responsibilities that depend on our income? Is the fear of not having money an excuse we use to not follow our soul's desires?


September 12, 2012 FB Knowings


1. What are your thoughts about groups like the Illuminati or people who speak about world order. Is there such a movement of beings who are directing consciousness politically through the financial systems? Could you speak about that?

2. How do you know what to do when you embark on a new activity that involves getting out of your comfort zone, when part of you is saying “yes” and the other part is saying “no, this  it’s too risky”. For example when you get into an area that you’ve avoided all your life, like business and finances.

3. Deep inside of me I do not feel the right for success. People who are close to me could be offended by it or misinterpret my willing for material success as materialistic and not spiritual. It hurts me when I feel the envy of friends. Still, I believe to be able to move more in life with material means and spiritual tools in combination. Can you give any advice? Thank you for your loving energy!


Aug 25, 2012 FB Knowings


1. What is the nature of addiction? I believe there is an easy way to release it. Do you have any ideas?

2. What are your thoughts on the idea of 3 days of darkness or whatever kind of rapid break, hold, pause that happens in order to lift us up to another level of perception? Do you see it as obsolete or still necessary?

3. When times are difficult and some questions are hard to cope with, how can we give these questions over to our Higher Self? Can you give us some techniques as to how to do this?


Aug 15, 2012 FB Knowings


1. I would like to know about animals. I think they have souls and I want to know if they hang out with us and have consciousness in the spirit world.

2. I'm curious about aliens, pyramids, angels and astral projection.


June 24, 2012 FB Knowings


1. Please elaborate on a practical way to process our fears in our day-to-day life

2. In Italy at this time, with the economic crisis growing, there is a very negative climate going on. There are theories of conspiracy and weather modification such as toxic metals in the air in order to control human minds. What do you think about this, is this real or only science fiction?

3. Chris, I still love your book "The Ageless Body" and its been a major help to me in my journey . One thing that I’m really curious about is since you wrote that book, have you developed any other new techniques one can use in keeping their body ageless?


May 19, 2012 FB Knowings


1. Why is the ego so much in the way that it blinds people's true intention? Is it their need to feel acknowledged and appreciated? What do you think about this?

2. I am consumed by fear when I think about my body dying. How can I effectively release this imprint and panic that I feel?

3. I am in my mid 60's and have not yet found my passion or purpose. How can I make the most of my later years?


April 29, 2012 FB Knowings


1. When I look at the state of the world, I doubt that the planet can make the shift to a higher realm. What concretely would make mankind learn their lesson? I just saw "The day the earth stood still". They say: "at the edge, this learning will take place." What would be a gentle edge? What makes them see?

2. Can you tell us anything about the five more chakras? I know about the extra heart chakra which I feel myself. But I´m curious about information and experiences.

3. Please tell us more about the power of imagination!


April 15, 2012 FB Knowings


1. What do you think about the theory that the Earth is hollow and people live within the Earth? (Agartha is a legendary empire, with its capital city of Shambala, that is said to reside in the earth's core.) In your opinion, is this “paradise” within our Earth and are the north and south poles open to get to the interior of the Earth? I’ve read a lot of information about this and would love to hear your opinion about it.

2. I have a 11 month old daughter who is not immunized yet. Do you have any advice for me?

3. How do you recognize a genuine spiritual companion?

4. I would like instruction on pulling in and anchoring the 4th & 5th dimensions.


Mar 31, 2012 FB Knowings


1. Once you've felt Heaven and freedom, how do you let go of toxic people who want to sabotage your happiness?

2. My 10 year old son has very strong, crystal star energy. He has been the most loving, happy and carefree child. However, the last year he has become tired, anxious and insecure. He has changed from a bright shining star to a little boy in a dark hollow skin, with dark circles under his eyes. Do you have any advice for me how to keep him on the frequency that keeps him bright? How to help him not get sucked into other draining energies?

3. Sometimes you hear of the emanation of great soul. What does that mean and what are the implications for the person concerned?


Mar 17, 2012 FB Knowings


1. A lot of people feel comfortable with discussing 'cosmic' or 'astral' energies but not comfortable with other higher life forms occupying the surrounding galaxies. Do you suspect it's possible that we will soon make 'contact' in an historical way? And might our deteriorating ecosystem be a reason higher life forms would finally intercede?

2. How do you use the white light exercise with cancer patients? How do you focus on healing? Please explain how to do it.


Mar 3, 2012 FB Knowings


1. There is famine in some parts of my country, especially close to the mountains. This situation has made me wonder about how can I help these people? Why does this occur? Is there any spiritual lesson to be learned out of this?
2. Why does the body age, although we feel young at heart? (Warum altert der Körper trotzdem, obwohl wir uns im Herzen jung fühlen ?)
3. I have been thinking a lot about the Soul and the spirit, I would love to hear your thoughts about this.


Feb 18, 2012 FB Knowings


1. How can we best handle the amount of EMF's/chemicals/toxins in our environment for ourselves and our children? Does the amount of screen time rob us of our soulful empathy?
2. What could we actively do let go of this fear of abundance or not being worthy of abundance?
3. I've noticed a shift, particularly in my daughter's friends, who are in their twenties. From living noisy, busy lives, they are now looking to re-connect with their true self. I see this in the arts they chose. They want to listen to music and performers whose work touches them. Perhaps there is something in this you could add sparkle to?


Feb 4, 2012 FB Knowings


1. I would like to ask about Alzheimer’s. Are the crazy things people do with Alzheimer’s a choice or have they already left their bodies? My grandmother had this and she would do such silly things like run around the neighborhood without her clothes. Is there hope for people with Alzheimer’s?

2. 1. How do we shift most easily?
2.2. How do we know it's worked?
2.3. Once we've shifted, can we slip back?

3. What would you say is the most significant thing we should be putting our attention on at this moment in history for the betterment of the future of human evolution?


Jan 21, 2012 FB Knowings


1. I would really like to know what happens when you have a near death experience and a four-legged dies for you. Can you please explain this?
2. Please tell us about how you experience life right now & what are the keywords and advice as you see it?
3. What are the most frequent emotional themes in the multi-incarnational work you have being doing for so many years that we keep on replaying over and over again?


Jan 6, 2012 FB Knowings


1. What is enlightenment and who becomes enlightened?
2. Why can suffering be an addiction and how do we overcome it?
3. I would like to know about dreams: What do they mean to us and how can we understand them?


Dec 22, 2011 FB Knowings


1. It is possible, if you are on the camino to develop spiritually that you come to a point where it seems to you that all kind of evolution is stopped and you cannot find the reasons and the contact to the Higher Self. How to get into this flow again?
2. How do you see relationships being redefined in this time of change? How will the conditioned realities break away?
3. How do you overcome social anxiety, especially in terms of public speaking?


Dec 7, 2011 FB Knowings


1. I am always concerned about the relationship between humans and animals, pets and the wild. How will the relationship develop?
2. Do you think we are opening up to living in and being more conscious about parallel realities and time, as well as participating in them? What are your thoughts on this topic?
3. What is stillness? How do we achieve stillness while our Earth spins at 1000 miles per hour and 7 billion peoples energy all around us?
4. Is it a good option to get a divorce or is it better to continue a difficult and challenging marriage in order to develop oneself? Isn't it that those people who give us a really hard time are true teachers of life and ourselves? As you say: "Where is no resistance there is no harm.”


Nov 19, 2011 FB Knowings


1. I participated in a seminar in the beautiful mountains of Switzerland a few years ago. You did a meditation with us focused on the pineal gland and other areas of the body. I found that extremely effective and would love a repetition.
2. I have been living away from my parents for many years now. I see them beginning to enter a fragile age, filled with health conditions. I wonder whether I am running away from karmic responsibilities by "building" my life elsewhere and not sharing certain aspects of their choices or how they perceive life? How OK is it to distance oneself from a closer and frequent relationship with one’s direct family?
3. A certain spot in this world keeps calling me. Do you think that one’s life purpose is connected to a certain (geographical) place on this planet?
4. How can Sexuality between couples become more meaningful and deep? Can you suggest a special ritual for couples? What is your idea about relationships and spiritual growth?


Nov 5, 2011 FB Knowings


1. Before duality ends, can we still have peace, love and light for all?
2. How can we help our grandchildren to connect to their Higher Selves in today’s materialistic world?
3. ! I'm having my first baby in December and wonder what a daily practice could be that will get me (and my husband) spiritually, emotionally and mentally prepared to give birth?
4. What is the opening for the planet with the fall of some of the powerful rules in the Middle East and how does their passing impact the world?