Chris Griscom Message February 2023

Dear Soul Friends,

The major obstacle to our growth is inertia. The emotional body permeates all our body consciousness with a warning to hold on, to maintain our crystallized reality at all cost. As it becomes habitual in interpreting new data it closes down most of the avenues of motion--namely, choice. Deprived of new possibilities, the body simply switches to 'automatic pilot' and an inert numbness spreads throughout the being.

Numbness creates a passivity toward life. Energetically there is a lack of vitality, so that little energy radiates out to embrace life. From this weakened position there is no resource from which to create. This situation predisposes us to the stance of the victim. It is literally a posture, a flinching that mirrors itself in all the subtle bodies. Its consciousness limits itself to the fight-or-flight syndrome--fear and anxiety. 

It is possible to cast off the victim role in this life and become a creator.

With The Light Institute Incarnational work, one layer of consciousness after another peels away. We realize that we have been powerfully successful beings, healers, philanthropists, artists... Without striving for it or thinking twice about it, that positive energy we are filled with in the Sessions activates us in new ways.

Once we resonate harmoniously with the new reality that we are creators, we are transformed forever!
The transformation occurs naturally on its own.

All is energy, the entire Cosmos is energy as well as the 'emotional residue,' which hinders us with its rigid energy formations. With this transformation the body becomes more open, more receptive, laying aside limitations, self-denial and deprivations; instead, absorbing creative strength.

Thus, we begin to lay aside subconscious influences. We begin to break through the isolation of our persona--our mask. We release ourselves from what has been our unrelenting and apparently inescapable karma. We transcend the barrier of time as we step outside of the cosmic treadmill to become conscious participators in the divine plan.

Great Love,
Chris Griscom

As we release ourselves from the residue of Incarnational experiences, we return to that essence we were before: energy. This pure energy is then again at our disposal.
The cosmic pulsation of energy exchange, which flows out of our body and floods back in again, represents basic universal energy laws. It is a form of cosmic clockwork. Once this process is set in motion, wonders occur. We begin to understand that we are a part of the Cosmic dance.

Excerpt from Chris Griscom's book, Time is an Illusion