Chris Griscom Message October 2023

Dear Soul Friends,

The cosmos is not consecutive per se, not one reality of life and then another, but more like the big bang of holographic reality from which we can integrate energies that open up human experience to The Divine.

It is irrelevant whether we perceive our themes and experiences as composites of many lifetimes or the accumulation of psychogenetic inheritance down through generations. Our body holds them all in its cellular memory.

We have chosen to incarnate because of the profound opportunities it provides in both unmanifest and manifest worlds. Life is about growing our species into an enlightened group consciousness wherein we become aware of our human potential beyond what we have recognized to date.

Some of what was held true fifty years ago by 'infallible' science has been proven untrue today. Why do we not see that some spiritual beliefs that were held thousands of years ago are also not true today?

There is no ultimate truth in the universe. Truth can only be perceived through personal experience and that truth changes as we evolve. Instead of insisting upon some ultimate spiritual truth, we gain more enlightenment by living the truths we recognize, and seeing where they lead us.

As our ability to think rationally and feel from more humane octaves advances, we are becoming aware of the cause and effect of our actions, and thus discerning a higher truth.

Great Love,
Chris Griscom

World peace could be the most enlightened way to reflect the spiritual wisdom we have gained. Rather than the fear and struggle that swallows our small personal reality, we could embrace all humans as one Soul group and share peaceful existence as our birthright during this sojourn on earth.

--Excerpt from Chris Griscom's book, The Evolution of God