Chris Griscom Message September 2022

Dear Soul Friends,

When we can palpate our center, we can manifest anything with that energy. In our work at The Light Institute, we focus a great deal on the child, our own child within, because it allows us to come to a place where we can palpate that bridge--the child and multidimensionality.

We can move when we're not so crystallized into 'who we think we should be' that we can't get out there and explore the rest of our multidimensional selves. From that vantage point of accelerated frequencies, we can reorganize the structure of the hologram. This eliminates our insistence on the linear viewpoint. Linearity is the insistence in the brain that it access only ten percent of its potential, ignoring the ninety percent that brings that linear energy around to the hologram, that allows us to see all.

It is cosmic law that everything pulsates--in and out, in and out, life and death, death and life. Our spines pulsate, our bodies pulsate, our organs pulsate, our glands pulsate. All we have to do is take our consciousness, which is rushing around to see if we're okay or not, and focus our attention on that pulsation. Then we will move across the bridge, and we will recognize the Divine at that level. Thus, we will recognize ourselves as consciousness itself, as a power of the Soul which doesn't succumb to good and evil, to shoulds and shouldn'ts.

The inner-child is the first wave of the bridge to the multidimensional self. Linked to this wave of the inner-child is cognition of the Higher Self. The Higher Self is that fountain from which all things flow. It is the place you can go in order to move into your center, in order to know, "This is it; I am it"--in order to validate your reality, to come into contact with yourself.

The Higher Self is the self as it merges with the Divine. It is a composite of the individual Soul and the universal Soul.

The Higher Self can access at all times all knowing within the divine, creative force and feed it back to the individual self.

The Higher Self is not an entity. It is the megaphone of the Soul. It is the mechanism for precipitating the unmanifest into manifestation so that we can create a thought-form, so that we can ascertain the answer, so that we can recognize the path.

The Higher Self gives us form. It can speak to the mind and say, "Yes, it's this." Or it can speak to the emotion and fill the emotions with the flutter of Source. Or it can speak to the body and allow the body to be limitless, allow the body to be light. It is that which stirs the pure Divine force within our Human aspect of being. It is the point at which we ourselves and the Divine force merge. It is the center of infinity.

That point is the threshold to the Higher Self that can allow us to experience ourselves--whether physically or emotionally or mentally--as part of universal energy, so the higher force can move through our various aspects, and we can experience ourselves creating our lives.

The Higher Self is always there. When we first learn to contact the Higher Self, the level of our doubts reflects the degree of our separation, our experience of separation, our experience of guilt and judgement.

Utilizing the megaphone of the Soul is an art. It is something that we get better at as we develop trust, as we develop surrender, as we develop a frame of reference for merging back into universal flow.

Great Love,
Chris Griscom

Contacting the Higher Self is the most profound and important thing that we do at The Light Institute.

--Excerpt from Chris Griscom's book, Ecstasy is a New Frequency: Teachings of The Light Institute