Chris Griscom Message June 2024

Dear Soul Friends, If there is one chant in the Universe, it is to 'create.' Everything that lives seeks to participate in the cosmic splendor of variation of the theme, the form, the energy of life itself. Change is the propagator of variation, breathing life into every design by opening the spin point, the threshold, to whatever might be beyond, either by memory or by germination.
 Every great culture understood the wisdom of inner and outer communication between humans, animals, environment, and nature. Modern Humanity has lost its way through the choice of automation. It has become disconnected and inert. As its mind refuses the magic, it has lost touch with its Soul. We must open ourselves upward and inward in order to grow. It is as though an arrow pierces our heart. If we close ourselves, the arrow can become a festering wound, yet if we open, healing energy can flow freely and we will come out of the experience stronger, more powerful, and with an intangible aura of greater stature through having successfully met a challenge.
 If our lives are based on action, not reaction, we can dare to open, expand, and extend the best we have to offer, for the sake of our own Souls. Great Love, Chris Griscom 
 Resistance is always what causes the pain, not change, which whispers encouragement through its powerful gift of energy. No on sleeps through change! Where there is no resistance, there is no harm! --Excerpt from Chris Griscom's book, "The Healing of Emotion: Awakening the Fearless Self"